Time Pictures of the week

Jul. 27, 2014. North Koreans dance in downtown Pyongyang, in North Korea. North Koreans celebrated the 61st anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War. (Wong Maye-E—AP)

René Burri

Amalfi, Italy, 1966

Mobile/Gulf Gas Station

Citgo Refinery, New Jersey Turnpike

Happy as these pigs on the farm at Primo. What an amazing meal! (at Primo Restaurant)

👋 (at Camden Harbor)


From Americana

Sarah Finklestein

American Vanity Plate

Happy 4th !

"Pre-Kiss," 2010.

Olivia Bee

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz for TIME

Diary of a Dance Troupe: A Deep Look at Alabama’s Prancing Elites